The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers

The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers were founded in 1983 by Patri J. Pugliese, Hannah Roberts Artuso, and Robert Duffy. The troupe’s current artistic directors, Antonia Pugliese and Barbara Menard Pugliese, are based in Medford, MA; the group’s approximately fifteen active members live throughout the Boston area.  We rehearse weekly, on Sunday evenings, in Waltham, MA.

We use period dance manuals to reconstruct the dances as they were done.

We sponsor dances and balls approximately 8 times a year. We love what we do and want to have as many people involved as possible, so we set our admissions prices as low as possible, given the costs of hall rentals and musicians.

We are always interested in bringing talented and enthusiastic dancers into the company, but we move slowly, making sure that we have a good fit. If you are interested in joining the performing company, you should attend our events, give us a chance to get to know you, and express your interest to one of the directors.

Our core repertoire includes dances from several distinct periods, and we wear accurately reproduced clothing of each time period:

  • Regency or Federal era (1810s)
  • Civil War (1860s)
  • Gilded Age (1890s)
  • Ragtime (1910s)
  • Roaring Twenties (1920s)


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: to ask about hiring us to perform or teach historical dance, please contact us at query@vintagedancers.org.