What to Expect: Balls and Special Events


Attending a ball hosted by the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers is an opportunity to travel back in time for the evening and experience the magic of an energetic regency assembly, an elegant 1860s ball, a glamorous 1890s affair, or a wild 20s party.CVD will offer several balls in different periods throughout the calendar year, and each will vary in formality, dancing style/difficulty, and costuming. It is important to us that as many of our balls as possible be accessible to everyone, from absolute beginners to wise veterans. Any special requirements related to events (such as our annual costume-required 1860s ball, Returning Heroes) will be clear on the event’s page. In these cases, as well as for any other events, please contact us if you are concerned about your ability to attend and we will try our best to make it possible!Most balls do not have a costume requirement, but CVD does request that all attendees wear nice clothing, modern or period (no jeans, please!). If you are interested in wearing historical clothing, balls are an appropriate time for evening attire–although trained skirts make it difficult to dance, so we do not recommend them.

For more information about the different periods and an idea of what type of clothes would have been worn, check out our Eras page and our list of helpful sources!


Special Events

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