Vintage Dance Sites

Here are a number of resources available on the net related to Vintage Dancing:

Vintage Dance Groups

The Vintage Dance Society CONNECTICUT
A dance troupe directed by Marc Casslar and based in Hartford; sponsors Balls, performances and other Vintage Events throughout the year.
email Moments in Time
(c/o Bob Chapman)
Moments in Time sponsors regular dances, both formal and informal in the Hartford area, including the annual Holiday 19th Century Ball.
Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts NEW JERSEY
Located in Cape May. Sponsors two vintage dance workshops each year, one in April and another in October during their Victorian Week events.
Centuries Historical Dance WASHINGTON, DC & MARYLAND
A performance troupe dedicated to recreating and presenting period social dances in the Metro DC area. Focus is mostly on 19th and early 20th century social dances, but their repertoire also includes dances from the Renaissance, and folk couple dance styles.
Dance troupe based in and around Philadelphia, directed by Bob Skiba, researches, performs and teaches American dances from the colonial period all the way up through the 1940s.
Flying Cloud Academy of Vintage Dance OHIO
A dance troupe based in and around Cincinnati; sponsor of vintage balls and workshops throughout the year.
Forget-Me-Not Vintage Dancers OHIO
Recreates the social dances from American colonial to World War I. The company is dedicated to breathing life and fun into these social dances that once thrilled, amused, titillated, and charmed generations of lords and ladies, pretenders and common folk
Grand Traditions
Vintage Dance
Grand Traditions Vintage Dance Academy, founded in 1990 by Arlynn Hacker in Ann Arbor, , invites you to experience vintage dance. Offers workshops and balls, focusing on dances from the mid-19th through mid-20th centuries.
Vintage Dance Society
The Lexington Vintage Dance Society, with headquarters in Lexington, is dedicated to researching, teaching, performing, and promoting the ballroom and social dance forms of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The Academy of Danse Libre CALIFORNIA
A performing troupe based in Palo Alto, (near Stanford) under the direction of Eduardo Maragliano and John Beale. A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the lively exhibition of 19th and early 20th century social dances.
PEERS (the Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society) is a vintage music and social dance organization in the San Francisco Bay Area that gives monthly period balls, generally set in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The Social Daunce Irregulars CALIFORNIA
The Social Daunce Irregulars have been presenting Victorian Balls in the Pasadena area since 1988. they are dedicated to keeping the tradition of the 19th Century Grand Ball alive in an otherwise gray and pedestrian world.
The Bay Area
English Regency Society
The Bay Area English Regency Society is a vintage music and social dance group in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Holds monthly dance parties and several period fancy-dress historical balls throughout each year.
The San Diego Vintage Dancers CALIFORNIA
A social dance group located in San Diego; an affiliate of the Lively Arts History Association, present a variety of vintage dance events every year.
Mass Historia CALIFORNIA
An organization dedicated to fostering an understanding of history through the performing arts. Mass Historia is a resource which can be called upon by historic sites, museums, civic organizations, educators and others interested in making history accessible and interesting.
We Make History ARIZONA
A dance group which runs historic dance events.

Hannelore Unfried
The ensemble HOF-DANTZER, led by Hannelore Unfried, based in Vienna continues the tradition of the golden age of Viennese dance culture. She hosts the Viennese Dances of the Strauss Era Dance Week in Vienna Austria each February.
Vintage Dancing in Australia AUSTRALIA
Vintage Dancing isn’t only done in the US and Europe. Earthly Delights provides a host of vintage related links including dances, music, and costuming. They also have a list of Upcoming Events you might be interested in if you are in the Canberra region.


Spare Parts On piano and flute, Bill Matthiesen and Liz Stell play a variety of dance music, including romantic couples dances, contra, and English Country, as well as historically accurate programs for Regency, Victorian (mid-nineteenth century through 1890s and ragtime dances. Argentine tangos are a special interest of theirs. Their CD entitled The Civil War Ballroom is ideal for recreating a Victorian Ball.
email Roy Wiseman
director of
The New River Dance Orchestra
The New River Dance Orchestra provides period dance music for Victorian and Ragtime Balls, their speciality is the music of the Ragtime and Early Jazz eras.
Dance History Research Sites
Library of Congress An American Ballroom Companion presents a collection of over two hundred social dance manuals at the Library of Congress.
Dance Card Museum The Dance Card Museum is located at 152-154 Spring Street, Newport, Rhode Island.


As far as we know, there are currently no suppliers of dance card pencils.

And some other Vintage-related sites which may be of interest …

Books and Patterns

Vintage Victorian Vintage Victorian publishes books on authentic costuming for reenactors as well as for vintage dancers. Each July, Vintage Victorian hosts the Nahant Victorian Day Ball.
Past Patterns Historical Pattern Company dedicated to accuracy. Publishers of 19th and early 20th Century patterns.
Patterns from the Past Patterns from the Past sells original, vintage and some recently out of print sewing patterns of all kinds, and older knitting, crochet and tatting patterns.
Folkwear Patterns Folkwear was started in the mid-1970s and has a selection of sewing patterns based on vintage fashions and traditional ethnic costumes.
Harper House Vintage sewing patterns of many eras for the costumer, the re-enactor and the hopeless romantic. Illustrated catalog of vintage sewing patterns, hoop skirts, costume findings, reproduction needle art implements and books.
Vintage Pattern Lending Library This library makes copies of all of their patterns, from the late 19th to the early 20th Centuries available (for purchase or loan) so they no longer languish forgotten in closets and on shelves.
Sense and Sensibility Dress designs for lovers of Romantic fashions who want sensible clothing that fits nicely. All dresses created with period details and custom designed to suit your individual tastes, making each purchase unique.
R. L. Shep Publications Books on authentic costume, fashions and uniforms from the Civil War, Edwardian, Federalist, Regency, Victorian and other eras. Authentic historic patterns and tailoring systems. Books on etiquette, customs, textiles, hats, corsets, sewing and needlework.
Hollis & Bell Publishers of Plain Needlework – A Guide to Nineteenth Century Hand Sewing and the online, eclectic Victorian magazine The Family Treasury, which contains articles on subjects from tight-lacing corsets to doll furniture to making a chemise.
Amazon Drygoods Amazon Drygoods presents everything for true Victorian living for you, your family and guests, your home and garden ­ all in four fascinating catalogs!
Laughing Moon Mercantile Purveyors of Victorian sewing patterns for costuming and high fashion enthusiasts.
LaBarre Books Authors and Publishers of Vintage Clothing Reference Books: 1900-1939, a series of five reference books on vintage clothing.

Fabrics, Trims, Notions, Clothing

Lacis Offers an extensive selection of notions, books, tools and supplies for the textile arts to the wholesale and retail market. Publishes over 90 books relating to needlework and costume.
J.R. Burrows & Company Historical design merchants. A great source for late 19th century reproduction fabrics, lace curtains, and wallpapers.
Vintage Dance Images Vintage Dance Images are reproduced from wonderful antique dance postcards and piano sheet music, most from pre-1920.
Karen Augusta – Antique Lace and Fashion Offers for sale 18th Century through mid-20th Century museum-quality antique clothing, lace, and textiles.
Antique and Vintage Dress Gallery This site sells antique clothing from the 1800’s through today.
The Costume Society of America The Costume Society of America “advances the global understanding of all aspects of dress and appearance.”