Report: Returning Heroes 2013

Refreshments Coordinator: Raven

Refreshments for RH went pretty well this year! The “sandwich team” was at the hall quite early in the day (around 1pm) to start making sandwiches, and so we were done and fully staged before the ball. The refreshment choices were a big hit, especially Barbara’s Charlotte Russe. Having someone serve it was also extra special–next time we need to make sure we have an apron. If Antonia hadn’t had one with her, my dress would have been in serious trouble!

 Registration  About 60?
  • some pineapple
  • meringues
  • a dozen or so cookies
  • 2 loaves of bread (see notes)
 Sweet Refreshments
  • 4 doz meringues (white and pink)
  • 2 charlotte russe
 Savory Refreshments
  •  egg salad sandwiches
  • roast beef sandwiches
  • ham sanwiches

Additional Notes:

  • We were short roast beef (bought based on the estimates from last year), so we didn’t have as many sandwiches as originally planned
  • mix of sweet and savory was pretty good

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