Event Report: 2014.02.08 Dolley Madison Ball

Refreshments Coordinator: Barbara Pugliese

Because this ball was in honor of Dolley Madison, we served ice cream as she was famous for doing at the White House.

Sweet Refreshments
  • vanilla ice cream with berry compote (about 12 cups)
  • 8 doz. macaroons
  • 8 doz. gingersnaps
  • 4 pound cakes (ended up being coffee cake due to availability at Shaw’s)
  • 8 doz. Dolley Madison sugar cookies
  • 1 box clementines
  • 6lbs grapes
Savory Refreshments
  • Crackers and 4lbs cheese
  • 4 ginger ales
  • tea concentrate
  • 4 apple juices



  • approximately 1.5 doz. Dolley Madison cookies
  • approximately 2-2.5 doz. gingersnaps
  • small amount of ice cream
  • aprx. 3/4 cup compote


The rest of the cookies probably would have gone if the trays had been refilled, but no one did. Also, all 10 lbs of ice were added to the water, so there was none left for the punch. If there are no frozen punch ingredients, we need to remember to conserve ice for the punch from the purchased amount.

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