Event Report: 2016.02.06 Princess Charlotte Ball

These ball refreshments were meant to be uncomplicated. We had 40 people registered, plus walk-ins, CVD, and Band for a total of 60. The refreshments were just the right amount, with some left at the end of the break, but none left at the end of the ball.

4 2ltr bottles GingeraleRegency Ball Refreshments
4 64oz bottles Apple Juice
4 cups very strong brewed tea

2 packages lemon cookies
2 packages sugar cookies
1 pkg cranberry nut bread
1 pkg banana bread (no nuts)
1 pkg lemon pound cake
1 pkg carrot cookies (baked in store)
1 pkg hermit cookies (baked in store)

6 lbs grapes (green and red)

2 lbs sliced cheese
2 boxes club crackers

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