Civil War Sewing Series: Session II

Event Details

$25 for three sessions. 1-4 pm. Sewfisticated Fabrics in Framingham. Come and enjoy! Register here!

Session II: Skirt-making Basics
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Skirt Construction Workshop – Skirts in the 1860s are big, but very simple to make. We’ll show you how, and help you get started. Those with sewing experience should be able to walk out with a finished skirt.

Expert Fabric Shopping- If you already have fabric picked out, bring it. If you’re not sure what would be appropriate for an 1860s ballgown, or even if you just like to shop, we’ll be there to help! This event is being held in an amazing fabric store, and we’ll be specially selecting a range of appropriate fabrics you can consider buying. We’ve found that you can make a good ballgown with 5 to 5 1/2 yards of fabric.

Skirt Troubleshooting – Bring your hoop from Session I (or a hoop you procure on your own). You can try your brand new skirt on over your hoop, and we’ll help you figure out whether the length is right or how to change it.

Q&A – Again, bring your questions and our experts will be glad to help.