Event Report: 2015.12.12 Fezziwig’s Ball 2015

15-20 silverplate trays
stack of doilies
2 silver, 3 tiered, trays
2 XXL silver trays for topping garbage cans
3 long table cloths
XXL long white cloth fabric (used for punch tables)
lace table cloth
8 stainless pitchers
1 package paper napkins (cocktail size) (used 1/2)
2 bags hot cups 8 oz. (used 1 bag approx)
3 bags plastic tumblers
3 bags cold cups 8 oz.
3 packages white paper plates 6″ (used approx 2 packages)
trash bags
paper towels
knives, cutting board, 2 punch ladles, 2 meat forks, pastry server, tooth picks
Cider – brought 4 gallons, 3.5 used (3.5 gallons fit in 3 crock pots; 1 smallish, 2 large)
Punch (cran and ginger) – Quinn: bought 5 gallons (5 each of 2 liter bottles of cranberry juice and ginger ale), used all of it and probably could have used at least one more bottle of each
Figgy pudding and sauce – Raven: brought 5 puds and 3 batches of sauce; needed 4 puds and 2 sauces
Wrapped popcorn balls – Antonia: a lot
Hedgehogs – Carlana: brought 3 hedge hogs; needed 2
Cheese slices brought 3 pkgs, 2 lbs each; (just under 1/2 lb left)
Grapes bought 3 bags (~2lbs each) each of green and red, about 2-3lbs leftover with lots of single grapes
Clementines (oh, sorry, tangerines…) – Mark: Yes, these should have been clementines and not tangerines–clementines, as Barbara pointed out, are easier to peel and might have been more popular.  She also suggested that distributing them around the food tables (on the unused compotes) might have been a better strategy than putting them all in one big bowl.  Next year I’ll try two or three five-pound boxes of clementines, and will hope for a better rate of consumption.
Hams – James and Catherine: 2 hams
Macaroons – brought about 10 dozen, needed about 6-8 dozen
Cookie #1 Chocolate Chip Meringues (GF) – Barbara: 8 dozen, no leftovers
Cookie #2 – 
Cookie #3 –
Pound Cake – Barbara: 2 large cakes, just under 1/4 cake left

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